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Raphael Babilonia

UI/UX Designer & Developer

based in Italypizza

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About Me

To experiment was always my passion, the design it was my first love and to code it was the wedding, "Permanent Record" by Edward Snowden the motivation to take this path in the informatic sciences.

During my live I tested a lot of knowledge fields and I hope to don't stop to have curiosity for it, if you want to know all my career...

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Website & Web Application

Whether you need an awesome informative website or a more complex application for your business idea, I can work alone for you or put together a team to satisfy your requests.

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Graphic & Web Design

For me the result must always be a masterpiece, otherwise I would prefer to let go, just someone who has a big idea needs to hire a very passionate person like me.

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You can't compete vs Amazon, forget about it!, the only way to take a piece of this huge market is to have the right product with a very performing and good user experience Ecommerce.



No, I don't an expert in Marketing, but I have worked at different occasions with other experts of that argument. I can help you easily on how to move it in this amazing field of opportunities.

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My Work Process



Let's start to know each other's, this the best way to start a project.

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Every detail is important, in this step we define the scope of the project.

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When I understand you needs, then I will prepare a strategy for you.

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I work under a prototype that you must authorize before to start to code.

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That's it, it's time to enjoy the benefits of our job and thinking what next.

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My Portfolio

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Cueno Scacchi - Event Booking Web App

Official website of the “ Cuneo Chess Club '' of Italy, this platform was built to satisfy the needs of chess players, a place where they can check the following tournaments and also sign up, also the platform has a blog where the players can read all the news about the club.

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Lakcueno - Service Booking Web App

“Lak Cuneo” is the most popular barber shop of Cuneo city and also the unique to have deployed a Web Application to book their own haircut, currently the platform processes thousands of appointments per month and avoids tons of hours wasted to the owners.

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Sibylla Martina - Website & E-commerce

Traditional magic also today has the necessity to update their business model, “Sibylla Martina” is the most popular “Fortune Teller” from Italy and this platform gives her the opportunity to communicate better with her customers and at the same time permit her sell magician articles to her customers.

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Giacoletto Stampe - Website

Giacoletto stampe is a printing house from the city of Turin and its business is to sell a ton of articles printable for the mass public and this website lets them have a collection organized of all of their products.

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Wilo BarberShop - Event Booking Web App

Wilo is one of most popular barbers from Italy and part of his business is teaching his cut methods in courses around the country. This platform lets him automate all the booking process and give all the information necessary for the course in an intelligent funnel sales process.

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Projects Bicicle

My Portfolio

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Cuneo, Italy

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